Thursday, September 1, 2011

The. Bread.

This is another Pioneer Woman technique. She says that anytime she goes to a family get-together, everyone asks, "Are you going to bring The Bread?". It's just bread and butter, but the technique of baking then broiling browns the butter and makes the bread unbelievably flavorful and irresistible. People usually think there is something else in the bread, like garlic, but it's just bread and butter.

The. Bread.

One loaf of French bread, split
2 sticks of salted butter, softened (you won't need to use all of it unless your bread is huge)

Spread about 3/4 of a stick of butter on each piece of bread. Place side by side on a baking sheet.

Bake for 10 minutes on 350. Turn the oven off and the broiler on. Watch the bread as it browns and slightly blackens. Don't be afraid of the blackening; just a little bit won't make it taste burned. Steel your nerves and remove from oven when golden, brown, and spotty black.

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Alison... said...

Holy cow, how'd I get so far behind!

I'm a huge carb queen [pun totally intended] and this bread looks deeelightful!

love bread!