Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free Coffee for My NH/MA Readers!

On Monday, Cold Stone Creamery stores in New Hampshire and Massachusetts will offer free iced lattes! Why only in New England, I wonder? Is it even warm enough there to drink iced coffee yet?

Let me know if you get one! I'm sure my sister will be first in line. ;-)


Alison... said...

I never heard of Stone Cold Creamery but I looked at the list and there is one right near my work.

I may swing by today and check it out [if the line's not too long!]

Stephanie said...

That's great! It's a really good ice cream place, too - they mix whatever you want into the ice cream. Of course, for some inexplicable reason New England has the best/most ice cream places in the country, so it would have a lot of competition.

Kristen said...

I love Cold Stone Creamery. They deliver, so I ordered ice cream sundaes for the kids at my old job a few times. They would bring all the stuff to make your own sundae. Very cute. Stone Cold? LOL - Alison is so dyslexic.

Alison... said...

Maybe I'm dead... stone cold.

So, I got take out last night for dinner [which I RARELY do] at 'Not your average Joe's' and Cold Stone Creamery was in the same plaza!

I didn't notice it until I was exiting the plaza so I didn't stop for my free Latte but I should have because at 6:15 PM, the place was dead.